Applications for residencies can be done at
Applications may be submitted in Dutch, French or English.

If possible answer following questions in your application:

  • A short description of the project – few lines to max one page will do fine.
  • Some information about your artistic practice and your previous projects (video capture welcome). One page is enough.
  • How can BUDA support the project?
  • Your favourite timing for the residency – plus alternative dates if possible.
  • What kind of space you are looking for?
  • Number of people involved and number of rooms needed for lodging.

Applications will be treated approximately one year ahead, and in general we book in following four rounds:

- deadline March, 1st 2021 - for residencies taking place from March 2022 till May 2022
- deadline June, 1st 2021 – for the residencies taking place from June 2022 till August 2022
- deadline September, 1st 2021 – for the residencies taking place from September 2022 till November 2022
- deadline December, 1st 2021  – for the residencies taking place from December 2022 till February 2023

Last minute requests for studio-space – up to three to four weeks in advance - are sometimes possible and will be tried and fitted in whenever possible.

Please contact