• in frame of: Almost Summer Festival
  • duration: 1u30
  • In English
  • tickets: €7 / €18 dayticket
  • book tickets: through this link

Penelope Sleeps is an opera in essay form by Mette Edvardsen and Matteo Fargion. The idea for this piece emerged from their first collaboration oslo (2017), a piece by Mette Edvardsen that features music for a choir composed by Matteo Fargion. Opera as a starting point, a long-hidden and shared secret desire to tackle this medium, although perhaps motivated slightly differently for each of them. The text will be in prose form, like an essay. Essay, from the French essai, meaning to try, to attempt, and opera in Italian meaning ‘work’. So in this ‘trying to work’ a space opens up, leading the two artists into unknown landscapes while at the same time allowing them to pursue their own artistic paths.


  • photos: (c) Iben Edvardsen