• © Simon Boudvin, exposition 'Concorde', SHED (centre d'art contemporain de Normandie, FR), 2019

Open a file, close it, zoom in. Talking in zoom, performing in zoom, eating and drinking in zoom, falling asleep in front of it. Our brains are like our divided screens, practiced in an uncommon way these last few months. Shocked, fogged up, fragmented, but also precious allies to ward off confinement. In the eye of the cameras pointed at our domestic interiors, our lives appeared as they were: a complex tangle of affects and activities. Having become holograms of ourselves, sometimes frozen in ungrateful and funny postures, our hiccupping communications captured in the virtual vortex, we have rarely exchanged so much about art and its means. So what's the sequel to this strange novel of anticipation that we've given birth to? Will we now bathe in a world with a flattened profile, traceable at will? Will we dance masked without touching ourselves, like virtual pancakes for an audience reduced to its image? Will we give voice and follow up to the awareness generated? It's up to us not to curl up our bodies in fear of contagion but to invent ways of coming together without hurting ourselves and to keep our focus on what we care about.

At BUDA we are delighted to be able to reopen the doors of artist residenciesWe are also working enthusiastically on the next season, which will support long term projects that have a strong resonance with each other and with current concerns. Sara Manente will continue her research into fermentation - in other words, the gestation of bacteria and continuous metamorphosis through contamination. Pauline Simon will work on a choreographic piece based on her exploration of the history of male contraception. Mathilde Maillard and the club travail will create a series of encounters between Kortrijk workers to question their relationship to work and daily life. Daniela Bershan will address the notion of reproduction (of the human being, domestic tasks, art) in connection with KASK students. The intersectional feminist approach that we will be highlighting under the title "Feminist Futures" within the European network APAP will set the tone for the next four years. Last but not least, Camille Louis and Laurie Bellanca will work on the creation of a radio station, a tool for exchange and putting into perspective the artistic practices that are born, pass through or take root at BUDA for a while.

Art not only gives us breath, but also makes us gain in depth and firmness. Convening a fairer world is first of all to fight against the withdrawal of the senses and the imagination.