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In September, we make a NO_party: a series of activities concerning today's disagreement that explicit various types of anger and celebrates protests. We, that’s all active citizens, youngsters, collectives and organizations who want to think about what 'NO' can mean in today's society.

We are inspired by some good practices: Extinction Rebellion about indignation, resistance and how to shape it, six authors come to read a letter as a concrete "NO" on the invitation of the collective Letterzetter, Touché vzw teaches us to accept anger as a positive sentiment. Critical Techno and Nemesis Fighting Club give a physical voice to those who are not heard, but in a very different way. And we are going to see how different collectives and organizations in and around Allée du Kaai in Brussels generate dynamics based on encounter, action and creation.

Count me in!


Tue 8 September
20:00 | Fire session in collaboration with the Kortrijk library and collective Letterzetter with Dalilla Hermans, Anneleen van Offel, Yasmien Naciri, Laura Nollet, Louise Maddens and Mohammed Ouaamari | Broelkaai 6 Kortrijk | RESERVATION

Wed 9 September
13:00-16:00 | workshop Touché vzw - wants to recognize aggression as positive sentiment, and look how to do so with shared anger | Broelkaai 6 Kortrijk  | RESERVATION

17:00 | intro & workshop Nemesis Fighting Club: a political-sporting project in which values such as anti-fascism, self-management and mutual respect are central, and where one can share knowledge and experience with each other. The focus is on mutual support, solidarity, and learning about sports and the feminist struggle. | Broelkaai 6 | RESERVATION

Thu 10 September

14:00-18:00 | field trip to Brussels: Free54, Toestand vzw, Pic Nic The Streets and the Free Party scene | Allée du Kaai, Brussels | RESERVATION

Fri 11 September
15:00-18:00 | Extinction Rebellion: Extinction Rebellion: an environmental movement that uses non-violent, direct action as a tool to convince governments to take climate measures. | Bolwerk Kortrijk | RESERVATION

19:00 - 22:00 | Inspiring workshop where you will get all kinds of conversation methods, tips and a lot of energy to engage in a conversation during the Door to Door project | Broelkaai 6 Kortrijk | TAKE PART IN THE CONVERSATIONS

Sat 12 September
20:00-22:00 | Helena Dietrich & Thomas Proksch: Critical Techno: Biomorphiaa techno concert and lecture and trance meditation, performance programmed by BUDA's B-scene(rs) | Bolwerk Kortrijk | RESERVATION

Sat 12.09 12:00 - Sun 13.09 18:00 | Door to Door conversations: an open project around one-on-one conversations on the street, door-to-door or by appointment, between people in Kortrijk who do not know each other and may have another opinion or background. | Kortrijk | TAKE PART IN THE CONVERSATIONS

Tue 15 September
13:30-20:00 | co-creative atelier NO_party led by Christophe Meierhans (theater maker and activist) - open to all those who want to shape 'NO' during the NO_party on September 19 | Broelkaai 6 Kortrijk | RESERVATION

Sat 19 September