Open call: Art Time Residency: Performance (Mophradat)

Deadline to apply: December 1, 2020
Residency and performance period: Three weeks in October/ November 2021

Mophradat has partnered again with Kunstencentrum BUDA and NEXT festival in Belgium, this time it is to offer the opportunity to a performing artist from the Arab world to be in residency for a three-week period and use BUDA’s facilities to finalize a piece in-progress. Immediately following the residency, the new work will be performed during the 2021 edition of NEXT festival, which takes place across the Eurometropolis region of Kortrijk and Tournai in Belgium, and Lille and Valenciennes in France.

The selected applicant (working with maximum three collaborators) will have their travel and visa costs, per diem, and honoraria covered, in addition to receiving a contribution to their project’s production costs, and a presentation fee for the performance at NEXT Festival.

Kunstencentrum BUDA in Kortrijk is a platform for contemporary art festivals, an art house cinema, and one of the largest workspaces for performing arts in Belgium. Founded in 2006, BUDA constructs an artistic context in which the artist’s desire to create and learn is central. It offers time and space, customized support (logistic, technical, feedback), a network of artistic and professional contacts, and the possibility of an informal presentation for a test audience. BUDA is part of NEXT festival.

NEXT is a yearly, international performing arts festival that started in 2008 in four cities in the cross-border Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai and Valenciennes, organized by six French and Belgian co-organizing artistic houses and 10 to 15 associated partners. It evolved into a collaboration platform and a landmark event for cultural and artistic professionals from all over Europe. It brings together disciplines, communities and cultures and encourages exchange of cultural diversity, and encourages and facilitates intercultural dialogue amongst programmers, artists, festival organizers, cross-border politicians, students, and broad audience. 


In addition to complying with the general eligibility criteria that you can read here, please note the following:

Applicants must be working on a new and original performing arts project and must have advanced in the development of the project.
Applicants must be working with contemporary forms of performance (classical theatre, community theatre, classic dance, and so forth, are not eligible).
Unconventional projects dealing with experimental forms and/or concerned with progressive discourses are encouraged to apply.
Applicants must have confirmed co-producers or a financing plan, as this residency only partially contributes to the production costs.


The applications will be assessed by Mophradat and the final selection will be made in collaboration with BUDA and NEXT.
All applicants, whether selected or not, receive a response to their applications by January 15, 2021.
Due to a high volume of applications and the confidentiality of the selection process, Mophradat cannot provide individual feedback explaining the reason an application was not selected.
On selection, the resident will sign separate agreements with Mophradat, BUDA, and NEXT.
The partners will support the selected applicants through the necessary visa applications; and if the artists are unable to travel due to visa refusals, the project will be compensated. Any cancelation due to Covid19 restrictions are beyond the partners’ responsibility.
A short written report of the applicant’s experience must be submitted to Mophradat within two weeks of the residency’s end.


You can apply by filling in an online form here. (Please note that you can’t save your application online therefore we recommend that you work offline and then paste your answers into the form.)