New festival in arts centre BUDA

After 11 exciting editions of our biannual BUDA VISTA festival, we thought it was time to refresh, reload and propose something else.

And we thought: the nice thing with festivals is that they keep coming back, just like the seasons: one year after another, there is a winter and a summer and normally also everything in between and so far this is something we can almost relate to and enjoy, again and again.

And we thought: this is also how we feel time passes at BUDA and this is how we want our festivals to be. Days turn into weeks, turn into months, and every day artists show up to work on their amazing projects, 1 artist, 2, 3, 30, 60 companies pass by our studio’s and theatre venues and suddenly, it’s that time of the year again: The Festival! This great sacred time of celebration, this special moment of joy and happiness where artists, spectators and participants are finally sharing space and time to look together at the accomplished works, to exchange thoughts, talk, laugh, dance, … it’s all finally back again!

And we thought: This is something we want to have at least two times a year, otherwise, so we thought, how shall we survive? So here come two new festival formats: END OF WINTER, every year in February, and ALMOST SUMMER, every year in June. Two joyful gatherings, like two brilliant stepping stones to bridge the year, where we’ll enjoy being together in the moment and toast on what has been done and what has to come.

For our first END OF WINTER festival, we’ll present a program with performances, dance, theatre, films, installations... all made in BUDA; plus a workshop and a number of public conversations to follow up on The Fantastic Institution symposium we had last year; an exceptional book launch and … an “End of Winter Survival Party” to bring it all to as close.

And then we’ll think: It’s done now.
And we’ll quietly turn our back on it and wait for the spring to come.

Check out the programme here