• in frame of: Almost Summer Festival
  • duration: 1h
  • at: Le Grand Sud Lille
  • departure bus: 19:00 Broeltorens
  • tickets: €17 (incl. bus)
  • book tickets: through this link

To stand up, step by step, and walk along a ridge between two dangerous slopes, the violence of institutional dysfunctions and the violence of human passions "as they are and not as we would like them to be", to manifest the inclination to perceive, feel, do and think in a certain way, internalized and incorporated by each individual through his affects, "to renounce what one has learned to love". This is the effort we will have to make to regain the capacity to recreate a regime of desire other than the one patiently established by capitalism and its infamous offspring, neoliberalism. A process of liberation.

In collaboration with Latitudes Contemporaines