• Radio performance
  • EN & FR & NL spoken
  • Location: Budascoop, rotonde
  • Tickets: free entrance, no reservation needed
  • Thu 17.06 | 17:00-18:30

A sensitive radio program made less of quotidian informations and urgencies of “breaking news” than of temporal deformations and duration given to the repairing gestures of artistic processes linked with political context.

In July 2020, the festival Everything matters was supposed to happen in kunstencentrum BUDA . As many other moments of shared sensibilities, this event was not allowed to happen; the bodies were not allowed to meet, nor the languages to cross each others. In a kind of esthetical resistance, the collective kom.post decided not to obey to the “stop” but to transform it in a “post”: that is to say in a duration open “after” the canceled festival and before the expected new edition. Where did the speeches of the artists go during this kind of canceled year ? Where did their gaze go, where did their bodies displace themselves in order to continue? What kind of intense and virtual reality did it create and how can it be taken into account in our present and our gathered presences? The figures they met, we, collectively, met as well as the time we inhabited during this parenthesis of interdiction-authorization are not forced to disappear: they can become the improbable ghosts of our today, the memories not normal that resist to the obligation of “return to normality”. Radio kom.post will let room to these strange entities that can still infiltrate strangeness in the togetherness we will create in June. We are always more than what we thought, we should always be more than what we are... and in this potentiality of a political and esthetical tension, we – artists, audience, neighbours close and distant - will stand and converse.

kom.post founded in January 2009 in Berlin is an interdisciplinary collective made up of thirty international artists and researchers. Kom.post members base their researches and actions on process, they attach less importance to the production of a collective work than to setting in motion a terrain for interrogation which activates creative "micro-groups". As the work methods are diverse, each member is able to nourish, prolong, and counterbalance the research of another member or that of the group as a whole, following the principles which are dear to kom.post : the "exchange of knowledge" and the "reprise", or re-take. The roles of author, contributor, and spectator are constantly exchanged, thereby maintaining the members in a continuous research on forms of creation, transmission and artistic sharing, still permitted and even more necessary in this time of imposed distances. Kom.post is nomadic and presents its creations (performances, new form of mediations, exhibition...) in various European and international events.
  • Dialogues, composition and realisation: Camille Louis, Laurie Bellanca
  • Sound creation: Benjamin Chaval
  • With: Benjamin Chaval