• in English
  • 60'

The Spanish Berlin based performer is here putting further his exploration of a language where semantics are displaced and where the audience is experimenting time and space as fluid materials and textures. The perception of transformation becomes fragmented due to the impossibility of having a permanent awareness of it in the present. Transformations that can only be perceived as part of the past. We realize we have arrived here, but we don’t know how. Past vs. present. As if there were transitions that culminate in a change. Ungraspable transitions, impossible to be thought or felt in the present. These are ephemeral moments of different duration that become relevant when you look back.
My only memory is precisely that, a look back knowing that nothing will be the same again.

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A few years ago the artists Sarah Vanhee, Mette Edvardsen, Alma Söderberg and Juan Dominguez created Manyone, a support structure, a scaffold, that helps to organize their work in a sustainable manner and in accordance with the reality of their individual practice. Manyone does not function as a label. Their coming together is based on shared affinities and a desire to connect and support each other as artists.
On the first week-end of Almost Summer festival, the Manyone artists will be showing a selection of their works, proceeded by an artist talk and followed by a cocktail party. They will come together to share their work, both with each other and with the audience, is something that the artists have set out to do on a yearly basis. This year they are coming to BUDA, a house that supports the Manyone artists on a long-term basis.