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  • As part of: NEXT festival
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In our globalized society we are constantly on the move. We travel for work or for pleasure, consume products created on other continents and move house more often than any other generation. Forces of Nature reconsiders the physical, social and ecological context of our movements. Why do we make them, what is their effect on our direct and farther environment ?

Ivana Müller sets to work with the five basic principes of our movement : gravity, slowness, resistance, momentum and action-reaction. Apply these forces to social, political and emotional bodies and you get a different perspective of the world around us. Thus a large country is faced with a heavier body and a small country has a lighter and more dynamic constitution. And if a nation is burdened with a heavy past, it needs a more drastic momentum to change the course of history.

Forces of Nature follows the movements of a complex organism, which is composed of five dancers, each of them with their own energy and ideas. Together they construct a shared space, a habitat. From their negotiations flow movements, from their questions a score.

Ivana Müller grew up in Zagreb and Amsterdam. At the moment she lives and works in Paris. Her oeuvre, which contains both choreography and theatre as well as other media, has been awarded several international prizes. At this year's NEXT, she also shows Partituur, an interactive choreographic game for children.


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