Almost Summer * Special edition

Come and see, listen, think and feel.

No need to explain how weird, fragilizing, atomising this last year was. Here we are, modified, frustrated and shocked but also full of new desires, nourished by existential questions, more than ever aware of the need to transform the course of things with a clearer mind about what we value.

Art is essential. Art is essential. Art is essential. And open to everyone.

During this whole year we continued at BUDA to host and support the artists as much as we could. They continued to work, prepare, reinvent ways of shaping, sharing and doing things. Seizing issues of our time or digging into timeless questions, they shape and are ready to share now their works, as well as new horizons to apprehend life, where mind and sensitivity are intertwined. They open spaces for poetic and concrete resonance (Myriam Van Imschoot, N.E.S.H.A.A.), for perceiving the trace of the movement (Rémy Héritier) or form of abandonment (Paz Rojo), for questioning and singing the value of labour (Mathilde Maillard). They probe the relations between material and immaterial fermentation (ROT GARDEN/Sara Manente with Jeroen Peeters, Sofie Durnez, Deborah Robbiano, Christophe Albertijn, Eriks Ashmanis, Ferran Mesa Turo, Sina Seifee and Kristien van de Brande + Paz Rojo), between territory and ecology (The Lighthouse Company), between humans and animals (Geert Belpaeme). They explore the normativity of the bodies (Pauline Simon), their masks and metamorphoses (Anna Gaïotti), the construction of collective bodies and imagination (Ivana Müller, Madeleine Fournier), of transgenerational ones (Francesca Grilli). Radio will accompany the whole festival and echo its different voices.

The festival Almost Summer has followed the flow and the permanent rearrangement of things. It emerges as exceptional as the situation requires : plural, dense, rich of new forms.

Here we are, here and now, looking forward to welcoming you with performances, sensitive installations, spaces for contemplation and exchange.

Come and see this special edition of Almost Summer, listen, think and feel.