• première
  • tickets: €10 / €8 (-26/+65/pro)
  • reservations: online

Soulless plays on the desire to be seen and the need to subvert and retreat. It is a solo performance for a mute figure who must be looked at in order to be heard. Inspired by the logics of mime and slapstick, Hagar Tenenbaum approaches her body through the concept of plasticity. Grotesque, clumsy and fragile materials become the substance of entertainment and amusement. Woven together with Hendrik Willekens’ music, movement undergoes perpetual change in shape and volume and in proximity and estrangement from itself, reaching an awkward flow. Soulless is simultaneously invested in the physical pain of the real and in the theatrical world of make-believe.

Hagar Tenenbaum (1988, Israel) is a choreographer, illustrator and dancer based in Brussels. Her work derives from self- invented methods based on repetition and rhythm, which weave together movement, speech and drawings in a poetic and humorous way. In her choreographies, Hagar opens up a range of possibilities for sense and non- sense making. By focusing on movement and nuances of expression, she allows her talking-moving body to find new sensorial forms of communication and entertainment. While developing her own projects, Hagar has also worked with other choreographers and visual artists.
  • Choreography: Hagar Tenenbaum
  • Music: Hendrik Willekens
  • Light design: Estelle Gautier
  • Costume: Eran Shanny
  • Outside Eye: Alma Söderberg, Andrew Hardwidge
  • Production: Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek
  • Co-production: kunstencentrum BUDA, wpZimmer
  • Support: Workspacebrussels, STUK
  • Special thanks to : Eleanor Ivory Weber