• 20'

In the frame of his project Apparitions, Diederik Peeters hooks up with Jonas Chéreau and Sara Manente in a choreography that seeks to find out how disembodied voices dance, and how voiceless bodies speak. 

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In the most recent edition of his ongoing/insights project, Andros has invited Diederik Peeters and Stina Nyberg together on a blind date. While Diederik's project Apparitions and Stina's Thunderstruck bear little resemblance on the surface, their underlying interests in the late 19th/early 20th century as a time where science and magic were more closely intertwined, and where belief and technology held a more symbiotic relationship than they do today, seemed to resonate. After several meetings discussing these shared interests inevitably meandering into conversations about the occult, electricity as an expression of spirituality, and voices from beyond the dead – the artists decided to present three unique events together. Two offshoots that explore their fascinations in formats that neither artist has ventured into before – a concert (Stina) and a dance per-formance (Diederik) – as well as a collaboration that dives into puppet theatre and (erotic) ghost stories, as accompanied by the theremin player Beatrijs De Klerck.