About BUDA

Arts centre BUDA is a workplace, a presentation platform and an arthouse cinema.


Every year BUDA welcomes up to 75 companies / 300 performing artists to work in one of the (5) studio’s or (2) theatre venues. An enthusiastic technical and artistic team of Buda employees (YES-team) support them in their creation.

Would you like to be a regular witness of the work artists in BUDA make, become a Compañero! Report to famke@budakortrijk.be and you will be invited to the studios and halls a couple of times per month, on condition that you are prepared to share your experience with the artist(s) afterwards.

Presentation platform

The performances that are (partly) made at arts centre BUDA can be seen on many European stages, but also in Kortrijk. Therefore, arts centre BUDA organises three festivals a year:

  • NEXT Festival (November - December): the international arts festival for the Eurometropolis Lille, Kortrijk, Tournai that shows the heartbeat of contemporary theatre and dance in Europe. NEXT is good for 71 performances in 24 days. www.nextfestival.eu
  • Everything Matters (June)

Arthouse cinema

Arts centre BUDA is an arthouse cinema with a daily programme of non-commercial quality films in 3 auditoriums.
Next to a lot of new releases we pepper our programme with lots of special series:

  • cineMÁS: week of the Spanish film
  • Classics Restored: the digital revolution continues and old prints are restored to their original state.
  • Please relaese me: four film houses join forces and collect great films without a Belgian distributor.
  • cineMAATjes: films for toddlers & children, on Sunday afternoon
  • WinterWonderland: during the cold Christmas holidays we transform Budascoop into a warm and cozy place to watch a (children's) movie. 
  • Spinrag & JEF Festival: films for children, during spring half-term
with the support of: