About BUDA

Art Centre Buda is a workplace, a presentation platform and an art cinema.



Each year we welcome over 150 artists or some 40 à 45 companies who live and work in Kortrijk temporarily. They are accommodated in two houses in the city and work in the    studios of Buda Tower or the theatre halls at Budascoop.

An enthusiastic technical and artistic team of Buda co-operators support them with their creation. At noon Kortrijk volunteers provide a light lunch with rolls, salads and soup.

Would you like to be a regular witness of the work artists in Buda make, become a Compañero ! Report to kristof@budakortrijk.be  and you will be invited to the studios and halls a couple of times per month, on condition that you are prepared to share your experience with the artist(s) afterwards.


Presentation platform.

The performances that are (partly) made at Art Centre Buda can be seen on many European stages. In 2012, 441 performances were shown of productions made in Buda. But, of course, you can also see them in Kortrijk. Therefore, Art Centre Buda organises no less than five festivals per year :

Buda Vista is an adventurous festival of several days which mainly shows work made in the Buda studios (spring and autumn).

Next festival: thé international arts festival for the Eurometropolis Lille, Kortrijk, Tournai which shows the heartbeat of contemporary theatre and dance in Europe.

Next boasts 90 performances in a period of 15 days (2nd half of November) We organise Next together with our fellow art houses in Kortrijk (Schouwburg), Doornik (Maison de la Culture) and North France (Espace Pasolini and La Rose des Vents). The next edition takes place from 13th to 28th November 2016.

What's the matter with ? Once a year we confront ourselves with a fundamental question. What's the matter with...money, politics ?  The answer is a festival of several days with performances, debates...and a lot of people meeting.


Arthouse cinema.


Arts Centre Buda is an art cinema with a daily programme of non-commercial quality films in 3 auditoriums.

Next to a lot of new releases we pepper our programme with lots of special series :

Week of the French (Spanish) film, CineMás, Made in Italy

Spinrag & JEFF (Het Jeugdfilmfestival) : children's films during spring half-term (icw Schouwburg Kortrijk)

Cultnight : screens film history and allows you to (re)discover special movies.

Flash : thé movie you must have seen but you hardly got the chance.

Hollywood Revisited : Hollywood is especially well-known for its glitter, glamour and blockbusters; the ideal environment for films with Big Stars that have to generate a lot of money. But once in a while one movie almost unobtrusively slips through the Hollywood net which does go further than the ready-made conventions of the great studios. Think of the Coen brothers. Hollywood Revisited is a series of films that have indeed been made in the largest brothel of the film industry but are at the same time recalcitrant and very much worth seeing !

CineMAATjes : children's films for toddlers and a little bit older. On Sunday mornings also with breakfast, on Wednesday afternoons with chocolate and lemonade.

Classics Restored : once upon a time 35 mm was the king of the cinema. Today unfortunately as good as gone... But the digital revolution continues and old prints are restored to their original state. Pinpoint-sharp and without scratches they are digitally restored to the state the masters had in mind. 


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