• Language: English
  • Tickets: €5
  • Reservation: info@budakortrijk.be

Spectacle #4 is a film, a documentary, a fiction, an essay. It is also a dance piece. It questions the way we look at art and how we can render that experience. Using ekphrasis (the description of an absent work of art) the film begins with a series of interviews and dance moments. The makers use DIY 3D technology to create space in between surfaces and add virtual perspectives. They work vertically by piling up images and voices. Without opacity we wouldn't be able to see.

Spectacle #4 is part of a long-term research under the name of Spectacles on the critical relationship between dance and language from a economical, poetical and performative point of view. The project consists of three books (see book launch on the same day), one lecture, a series of interviews, an online audio archive and this film.

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