Nada Gambier (FI/BE) & Co

Nada Gambier studied contemporary dance and is based in Brussels. In 2015 she founded Nada & Co. that produces her work. 

Thomas Kasebacher studied comparative literature and performing arts. He is based in Vienna (AT). 

Mark Etchells studied fisheries and ocean science with marine technology. He lives in Barnstaple, North Devon (UK). 

Nada, Thomas and Mark work in the performing arts since many years and have been residents at BUDA for several times.

Nada Gambier (FI/BE) & Co: The Voice of a City

In the multi-disciplinary project The Voice of a City (2017-2019) they bring together their love for writing, their hunger for spontaneity, their willingness to dive into the unknown and their excitement towards ordinary things and people.

Between April 2017 and February 2018 they travel to the four corners of Europe in search of stories, testimonies and observations on the current state of affairs. They engage (for one month in every place) in conversations with a wide range of local inhabitants, reflecting on such notions as belonging, change and wealth. These encounters prompts them to a creative process where texts are written, images captured in the form of video, photography and drawing and sounds are collected, sounds that somehow transmit the nature of the places visited and the people met along the way. 

In June 2017 the artists will conduct their research in the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, up till Armentières, Valenciennes and Roubaix. In May 2018 the process will turn from research to creation whilst material is selected, fine-tuned, re-worked and put into the form of an exhibition, a performance and a publication that will be made public in spring 2019. 


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