Ersatz (FR/BE)

Ersatz is five people, each from a different field; director Camille Panza, light designer Léonard Cornevin, sound designer Noam Rzewski, stage designer Marie-Laetitia Cianfarani and illustrator Pierre Mercier, share the desire to create an oneiric and fantastic world through the bias of live show, bi/tridimensional performative installation and comic strip. Their favorite themes are fantasy and oneiric realism, realms of diverted and displaced sensations.

They are in residency at BUDA for the first time, working on their new project Jungle Space in America, a proteiform creation, freely based on The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath by the American fantasy writer H.P. Lovecraft, a novel that comes down to a certain intersection between monstrous, inconceivable and unreachable entities and our day-to-day plane of existence. Horror, fear and unease in fantasy are emotions they instinctively associate with the excitement of discovery. If all is terrible, it is also a formidable source of wonder….

During their BUDA-residency, Ersatz will work on the "show / performance" part of the project. They have, during previous residencies, accumulated scenographic, sound and luminous materials and will now focus on the construction of scenic dramaturgy.

In residentie: