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Last year in February, BUDA brought together artists, theorists and directors from all over Europe to discuss the possibility of a different artistic institution. One that would be more permeable to its own political or socially engaged artistic program and that would finally do what it preaches. This symposium was called the Fantastic Institution, a 3-day discussion platform between reality and fiction. One year later, where are we? Are we anywhere more fantastic than before? Or not at all? In any case, we thought it would be interesting to « stay with the trouble » a little bit longer and hammer this question once again. So here comes The Return of the Fantastic Institution, a 3-day gathering, that runs parallel to our End of Winter festival.

As a statement and a reaction to last year’s edition, this session will be small, very hands-on, probably half self-organized and open to a limited amount of invited guests only, so as to form a tiny temporary mutual school. Nevertheless, and in an attempt to share this collective process with a broader audience, every day from 17:00 till 18:00, one participant will give a public lecture in the form of a more theoretical, imaginative or speculative approach to the re-imagination of the artistic institutions today. A detailed list of contributors will follow on the website.

And as for last year’s symposium, the Flanders Institute for the Arts will document the workshop and post all the discussions online. FYI, the documentation of the past edition (2017) can still be found here on www.kunsten.be.

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