Once Upon A Time There Was School / ONLINE

A text online is waiting to be read. It is fading day by day and will disappear completely on 27th April 2017. Before it is gone forever we call on you to impregnate this text with other texts, so it can give birth to new ideas shared with other online visitors. Truth or fiction, texts written by you or by others, theory, poems, jokes, statements or images – anything that comes to your mind while reading this text is welcome. 

How to do it:

Go to: http://once-upon-a-time-there-was-school.budakortrijk.be/

You are invited to read through Once Upon A Time There Was School. If you come across a word, a sentence, or an idea in this text that makes you think of another text or an image, please add these references (you'll find easy instructions online). Be welcome to collaborate with us on a collective publication, including whatever stimulates you to think about, re-think the, or think away from school. 

Once Upon A Time There Was School / IN SPACE

Once upon a time we were in school. Some of us have never left it since, while some did and intend to never go back. We probably all carry personal memories, whether nostalgic or critical, about school. Words and thoughts from the collective online publication will find their way onto the walls and floor of the theatre and transform into personal anecdotes, told by whoever would like share them.

  • day ticket: €15 | €10 (students, teachers, professionals)
  • reservation: online | info@budakortrijk.be | 056/22.10.01