• Language: English
  • Tickets: €5

Ophelia Comes to Brooklyn is a theatre text written in 1982 by Antje Katcher who emigrated from a small German town to New York City at the age of 20. When she died, she left a mountain of things to her niece, Katja Dreyer: objects, letters, poems, an apartment, a group of friends, a history.

In this first-ever staging of this theater piece, three actors attempt to decipher the story that runs through a whole life lived. Together with the audience, they dive into different times and places: Germany in the fifties, Russia in the sixties, New York City in the seventies. They participate in antiwar movements, poetry readings, a commemoration. How can you read a person by what she's written and left behind?

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  • Performance: Katja Dreyer, Davis Freeman & Dolores Hulan.
  • Tekst: Katja Dreyer, Antje Katcher & Davis Freeman
  • Licht: Hans Mejer
  • Geluid: Chris Umney
  • Dramaturgie: Esther Severi
  • Painting: Bernard van Eeghem
  • Visuals: Britt Hatzius & Antje Katcher
  • Productie: Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek
  • Co-productie: C-TACKT/Dommelhof & Kunstencentrum BUDA
  • Met dank aan: Paul Genega, Jim Werkosvski, Jackie Myer, Canio’s books, Susan Landau & Willem de Wolf
  • Met de steun van: Vlaamse Gemeenschap & Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie