What’s the Matter with School

What’s the Matter with School

Pupils, students, parents, teachers, school directors, pedagogues, philosophers and artists come together to learn from each other about the future of the school and the school of the future during 3 days of lectures, films, workshops, performances and discussions. 

What should be the role of school in times of transition, when the actual notion of work (as main societal value and ultimate goal of all educational system) will soon be radically changing?

Starting from the idea that education systems are perpetuating and reinforcing the current forms of domination, one might be interested in exploring the alternatives that are being (re)discovered in the field of education today.

If the school is the place where future is being shaped, what school do we want today for which society tomorrow? And what is the place of the arts there? Could the arts in education systems, and the arts education systems themselves, stimulate critical and autonomous thinking instead of delivering instant, bankable creativity? 

Where are we learning to imagine alternative models and implement them?

Where are we learning how to write new narratives?

Where do we learn to radically change the world?


th / do 27.04.17 

fr / vr 28.04.17 

sa / za 29.04.17 

ongoing / doorlopend 


dayticket: €15 | €10 (students, teachers, professionals) 
reservation: info@budakortrijk.be | 056/22.10.01