• in frame of: NEXT festival
  • language: English
  • tickets: €15

After 7 Pleasures (2015) the Danish dancer and choreographer Mette Ingvartsen returns to NEXT with not one but two performances about sex : the 15-headed to come (extended) and 21 Pornographies.

21 Pornographies is a solo of Ingvartsen in which she examines the mechanisms of pornography, starting from the idea that this pornography has actually penetrated into many domains of our society. By means of a wide collection of erotic material she exposes the divergent characteristics of porn : not only its clinical precision, violence and cruelty but the elements of excitement, delight and pleasure as well.

21 Pornographies is a speculative choreography in which physical action is interwoven with narrative description. An investigation into the historical link between sexual liberation and power – the term 'porno' doesn't accidentally stem from the Greek 'pernanai' which means 'sell'.

As such this dance solo is also a part of the cycle The red pieces, just like 69 Positions, 7 Pleasures, The Permeable Stage and to come (extended) : everyone of them performances in which Ingvartsen zooms in on sexuality and the relationship between the politics of the body and social structures, between the private and public domain.

Mette Ingvartsen graduated in 2004 from the Brussels P.A.R.T.S. and obtained a doctorate in choreography at the University of Lund. Next to the human body, her work is strongly determined by non-human performers and animated materials.